Protect your iPad Air!

One of the bennies of being the GERD is occasionally getting to review a new product.  I needed to protect my new iPad Air and the fine folks at Anker read my mind and offered me a chance to use the new iPad Air Screen protector (2 Pack). I was supplied a sample for test and evaluation, on the basis that I would provide a fair and honest review.  Well, fairly and honestly, I’ve used ‘lots of screen protectors over the years, none was as easy to apply as this one.  I really hate the ones that use the liquid applicator, so messy and once on, there is no adjusting it.  The Anker product is just “peel and apply”, with the ability to readjust to get it just right.  The ingenuous part is the Dust Removal Sticker.  You see every time I use a screen protector I wind up with tiny bits of dust between the screen and the protector.  Despite using canned air and being very careful, it always happens.  The dust removal sticker allows you to more thoroughly remove any dust before screen application.  Easy to apply and adjust, easy to remove any dust, and really sensitive to touch.  Other than the reduced glare, reduced fingerprints, and protection from scratches, you’d never know it was there.

20131115_210734 20131115_231923


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