About the Tech GERD

The Tech GERD is a life long Geek/Nerd who loves technology, especially computers and gadgets.  The GERD’s first “computer” was a Timex Sinclair. “Programswere loaded via a tape cassette player.  Wow! I could feel the winds of technological advancement blowing through my hair!

After a career in the Air Force (where he played with some pretty cool technology), the GERD works for a terrific company where he gets to play with (all together now) computers.

Let me say this; the GERD is no computer expert.  He’s just enthralled with gadgets and gizmos.  However, after years of reading the “experts”, the old GERD may just have a take on things you might enjoy reading!

I must give credit to my Wife, who is my chief enabler when it comes to buying gadgets.  Where some wives may ask, Why?  She often asks, “Why not!” Thanks Sweetheart!


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