The Shine is off the Apple (iPhone)

The GERD is anything but an Apple hater, some may argue I’m quite the opposite.  However, as stated in my previous Blog “Did the GERD Leave Apple” I believe that the iPhone has become stale; so stale in fact that the GERD switched from the iPhone 5 to the Galaxy S3 earlier this year (and has not regretted it!). 

So it was with the usual interest that I looked in at the Apple iPhone announcement on 10 September.  What was I looking for?  Something exciting, perhaps?  Sorry race fans, nothing to see here, go about your business.

Yes, Apple did implement the new 64-bit mobile processor and new camera technologies.  Yes, Apple did introduce a new cheaper iPhone (well, cheaper for Apple; you can get better Android-based phones for the same price as the Apple “5C”).  However, there was little to excite anyone, including me that came from this annual iPhone event.   

What Apple seems to be missing here is not just inside the iPhone; Faster processors and better cameras are considered a normal progression; why wouldn’t you upgrade processors and cameras?  What I wanted to see from Apple is a new design for the iPhone – yes that means a bigger screen!  Yes that means a Micro-USB memory expansion slot!  Yes that means a removable/replaceable battery!  Yes that means a new body design! 

I fear that Apple, with still arguably one of the best phones in the world today, is living off of past glories.  Yes, it is difficult to keep rocking the world as Apple has twice in the past few years (iPhones and iPads), but rolling out update after update to internal components without adapting the design of the phone to excite users is taking the easy way out.  The iPad Mini was a needed design change for the iPad line and sparked excitement even though the form factor was not new (everyone has a 7” tablet).  The same can, and should have already been done, with the iPhone.  Give me a 5”, 5 ½”, or even a 6” screen; give me the ability to expand my on-board memory with a micro-USB slot; allow me to replace my battery to extend the lifespan of my iPhone without having to send it off to Cupertino for several weeks.  Give me a flatter, thinner design, much as has been done with the MacBook live.  Come on Apple, excite me!  Alas, however, I see a faster processor (yawn), a better camera (how nice) and a fingerprint scanner (I hope this works).  I know, I know, the new iOS 7 should spark things, but I’m not rushing out to buy the new iPhone 5S because of iOS 7 – in fact, I’m not rushing out to buy the iPhone 5S for any reason.  Maybe next year!


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