Just what exactly is a “GERD”?

I have a terrific wife and two terrific daughters.  My daughters are pretty tech savvy, but I am the undisputed Tech consumer of the family.  In fact, it’s kind of an obsession with me.  Don’t ask how many iPods I have, or tablets, or Bluetooth headsets…you get the idea.  My daughters love it when I get a new gadget, because they know they are likely to get the one I replaced (can you say 4 iPads in this family?).

So on one sunny day, I’m sitting at my desk, surrounded by my loyal gadget minions.  I had several iPods, tablets, laptops, and who knows what else laying around as I surveyed what I wanted to play with next.  My oldest daughter happened by and paused to observe this buffet of technological buffoonery.   She looked at me, as only she can, and said “What are you doing?”  “Being a geek!”, I said.  She responded, “you are far more than a geek; far more than a nerd, you are a GERD!”  I was impressed (I frequently am by both of my daughters); so I relish the title of GERD.

Next Time: My Favorite Bluetooth Headsets


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